Few rappers in the underground scene have an image and philosophy as unique as Junglepussy, the Brooklyn-born, West Indian “life artist” who recently released her debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed. When we met with her at a coffee shop in the West Village, she arrives 6-feet-tall, and rocking bleached-blond dreadlocks, similar to those she wore while walking for DKNY during this past New York Fashion Week. With a Jamaican father and Trinidadian mother, there is something overtly Caribbean about Junglepussy, who admits that her parents’ cultures were so heavily engrained in her lifestyle that she did not have an “American breakfast” until her high school prom, where she had pancakes for the first time.

She carries herself with tact, and a rare balance of confidence and modesty. She’s often dressed in tasteful duds. It takes only a few minutes of her charming and oftentimes hysterical personality to understand how she achieved a massive internet following even before putting out any music.

Always one to experiment with imagery and visuals, Junglepussy was a perfect candidate for Noisey’s Scrapbook series, where we ask artists to pick pictures of their younger selves, as well as the music they were listening to at the time. We even got to nab a few videos that the rising star has had locked on private for years, which were filmed back when she was better known as Shayna McHayle.

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see here…when he made that sally hemmings joke last year and many of us called it out for being tasteless and contributing to misogynoir, amongst other things, fandom quickly forgave him. some of us noted it and kept it in mind because his apology really wasn’t anything to write home about—and i figured that maybe he’d educate himself on rape culture, in particular when it comes to black women and other women of colour, but apparently not.

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Africa is the world’s second largest continent. But it’s not unusual for Americans to classify it as a single entity, ignoring the many cultural, economic and geographic differences between its 47 countries. If three countries in Africa are going through an Ebola epidemic, the other 44 must be too, right?

Fun fact: Africa is huge.