“I’m black… They never let me forget it.
I’m black alright… I’ll never let them forget it.”

— Jack Johnson, the first black Heavyweight Champion of the World (1878-1946)






a red panda eating sushi.

This is the best thing I have ever seen on the internet. 

Life feels better now

Yes, I needed to see this. 

Members of the Asian American community at UC Davis are taking a stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and their continued struggle for survival in the face of police brutality. All black lives matter.



CNN is doing a segment asking why young black people aren’t following the leadership of civil right’s leaders like jesse jackson & al sharpton. 


Jesse Jackson showed up to one of our rallies and this is exactly how all of us felt

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So I know we’re all excited for Nicki’s video but this happening in Ferguson.
The protests were peaceful and the police had taken down barricades and we’re off to the side protecting businesses and now outta nowhere people are being arrested and I don’t understand like there was almost a peaceful nice
but here’s the twitter livefeed 
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